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Photo: Amity Wood/NOAA


Photo: Drew Wharton
Photo: Curtis Wee
Photo: Amity Wood/NOAA
Photo: Marge Brigadier
Photo: Amity Wood/NOAA
Photo: Claire Fackler/NOAA


Team OCEAN puts trained, knowledgeable volunteer naturalists out on the water in sanctuary kayaks to greet and interact with ocean recreational users (kayakers, stand up paddlers, boaters, etc.) about how to responsibly view marine wildlife such as sea otters, and harbor seals.  It’s the only on-the-water interpretative program providing one-on-one engagement – where the majority of human disturbances occur.  Naturalists promote respectful wildlife viewing while interacting with thousands of visitors per year.  Team OCEAN has proven success in helping to reduce or prevent over 2,500 wildlife disturbances from occurring since 2000.


But, there is a much greater need.  Team OCEAN naturalists are only found in Elkhorn Slough and along Cannery Row in Monterey on weekends during summer months.  There are sensitive wildlife areas in the sanctuary that are left unchecked during peak pupping seasons from April to June when marine mammals are most vulnerable.  Investments in Team OCEAN will support more naturalists on the water throughout the year, and at additional locations along the coast, thereby increasing the positive impacts of promoting responsible wildlife viewing.


Your support will help train an additional 100 volunteers and purchase needed equipment for increased on-the-water engagement with visitors year-round, while expanding locations throughout the sanctuary.  With the proper training, safety gear, and equipment Team OCEAN naturalists will have the best resources available to promote responsible wildlife viewing, thereby reducing and preventing wildlife disturbances.


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