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Photo: Chad King/NOAA

KAZU: How Kayaks, Drones and Selfies Can Harm Seals During Pupping Season

Apr 17, 2019.
KAZU: Erika Mahoney
KAZU: Erika Mahoney

KAZU: Erika Mahoney

On April 10, 2019,  KAZU, published a story describing how Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Bay Net volunteers can help prevent wildlife disturbances.  Kayaks, drones and people trying to take selfies with seals can frighten the seal moms, causing them to abandon the newborn seal pups.  Read the full story here: https://www.kazu.org/post/how-kayaks-drones-and-selfies-can-harm-seals-during-pupping-season#stream/0


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