Our Donors and Partners

Thank you to our 2021 sponsors and partners!

 David Sams, Art Director

2021 Donor Recognition

“Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference” –  Kathy Calvin.

With your generous donation, we are able to support critical programs of our Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, helping to ensure we leave a thriving sanctuary to future generations.  


Park L. Loughlin Charitable Foundation

Monterey Peninsula Foundation, host of the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am and Pure Insurance Championship Impacting the First Tee


Cannery Row Company, Ted and Velma Balestreri

Gordon and Ronda Eubanks

Secretary Leon E. and Sylvia Panetta


Community Foundation for Monterey County, MC Gives


Bob and Joanna Behl

Peter and Dian Nielson

Morgan Stanley, Gary Pezzi

Dan & Rebecca Haifley


Robert Stephens

Barbara Plank

Julie Cherrington

Barbara Palmer

Bromstead Chavez Giving Fund

Mary & Tom Kelly, in honor of Ginaia Kelly

Community Foundation of Santa Cruz, Hilary Bryant

Bradley Zeve

Mesiti Miller Murphy Fund


Steven Finet

Delaney King

Brian & MaryJo Nelson

Brian MacDonald

Fred Terman & Nan Borreson

Helen Ogden & Frederick McGarrity

Henry Niles

Allan R. Hallock

Jane Silberstein

Laura Arnow

Lisa Uttal & Jeffrey Meek

Mark Silberstein

Marsha Moroh & Ken Wanderman

Burgess Raby

Michelle & David Hamerslough

Paul Michel

Sharen Carey

Susan & David Hayward

Terri Wheeler

Up to $99:

Jamie Neary

Michael Grimmer

Cara Lieb

Lisa and Timothy Hagg, in memory of Mike Guardino

Alicia Doolittle

Annita Sibert, in honor of Ginaia Kelly

Brittany Silva

Catherine Uchiyama

Christopher Tobin

Denise Stevens & Quentin Panek

Ed Matchak

Elinda Hardy

Elinda Hardy & Sam Buttrey

Eric & Patricia Bosler

Heather Marquard

Holly B Ochoa

Jamie K Fitz

Jennifer Ortiz

Karen & Dirk Harris

Margaret Spring & Mark Bunter

Nicole Cushman

Thomas Rowley

Brian Nelson

Betty Malcom

Chrystal Bjornsen

Lenis Hazlett & Tim Bresnahan

Leslie Foote

Lisa & Anthony Ciani

Lisa Henry

Lisa Henry & Chris Hamme

Lisa Wooninck

Lucy Moore

Lyn Campbell

Margaret-Anne Coppernoll

Marie McDonough

Marli & Bob Melton, in honor of Sage, Anya, Bodhi, Johanna, Robbie and Cora

Mary & Stephan Gunn

Mary Pommerich

Kat Morgan & Daena Peterson

Kathleen & Steve Million

Mary Alice Cerrito Fettis & Nicholas Fettis

Christopher C Jones

Christopher Tobin

Network for Good

James and Leslie Helgason, in memory of Mike Guardino

Ninaas Ashton

P Shelton & Carol Virden

Rebecca Rosen

Robert Loney

Robert Stroshane

Roger & Sandra Bergam

Sameer Bakhda

Scott Farmer

Timothy Smith & Kristin Markus

Vicki Pearse, in honor of John Pearse

Wendy & Howard Brickman, in honor of Mary Alice Cerrito Fettis, Whalefest Monterey
Wendy King

Kathleen Armstrong

Lara Argueza-Prince

Mary Kelly