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Thank you to our 2023 sponsors and partners!

The Couch Family

The Farr Family

The Eubanks Family

The Gill Family

David Poznic Photography

Ea Eckerman

Bruce Forman

Jeanne & Michael Adams

Ethan Estess

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2023 Donor Recognition

“Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference” –  Kathy Calvin.

With your generous donation, we are able to support critical programs of our Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, helping to ensure we leave a thriving sanctuary to future generations.  


Monterey Peninsula Foundation


City of Capitola

George & Debra Couch

Hanson Bridget

Ted & Velma Balestreri

Clean Energy

Tina Deborah Long Charitable Trust

Cannery Row Company

Secretary Leon & Sylvia Panetta

Clint Eastwood

Community Foundation of Monterey County



Community Foundation for Monterey County

DiBenedetto Law Group, PC

Elevare Advisors

Gordon & Ronda Eubanks

Jaguar Land Rover North America, LLC

David Gill

Kaiser Permanente

Heidy Kellison

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Pebble Beach Company

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Bay Federal Credit Union

Marcy Brenkwitz

Gordon & Ronda Eubanks

Tina Deboer Long Charitable Trust

Hayward Lumber

Post Ranch Inn

Farr Household


Wolff Household
Watkins and Proctor Household
Brooks Household
Bernardini Household
Haifley Household
Anonymous Household

Julie Work Beck

Eastwood and Sandera Household
Bryant and Shuman Household
Bay Federal Credit Union
Central Coast Community Energy
Haskins Household

Fidelity Charitable

Mattacola Household
Pure Water Soquel
Santa Cruz County Bank
Scruggs Spini and Fulton
Strahle Legacy Planning
UC Santa Cruz


Ruggieri Household
Weiss Household
Ruhl Household
Folkens Household
Kwan Household
Green Guest Suite
Krane Household
Duncan Household
Estess Household
Lee Martin Household
Lind Household
Rootsaert Household

Lind Household

Flores Household

Adams Household

Webb Household
Adams Household
Osborne Household
Rafferty Speraw Household
Hughes Williams Household
Silberstein Household
Tree Household
Whitehead Household
Anderson Household
Brereton Household
Cunneen Household
Monterey Bay Household
Protect Our Mother, Inc

Whitehead Househead

Lanting and Eckstrom Household

Keeley Household

Rossi Household
Stinnette Household
Wooninck Household
Barry Household
Beck Household
Chesnut Household
Covington Household
Garcia Arrazola Household
Keeley Household
King Household
Meyers Household
Nichols Household
Roe Household

Mattacola Household

Hughes Williams Household

Bernardini Household


Scholin Household
Doinidis Household

O’Hara Household
Bergson-Michelson Household

Rafferty Speraw Household

Milgate Household
Stewart Household

Up to $99:

Charity on Top Foundation, Inc.
Chau Household
Pezzi Household
Mastrogiovanni Household
Coughlin Household

Anonymous Household
Welch Household
Chladek Household
Moore Household
Pratt Household

Taheri Household
Flores Household
Anonymous Household
Tabb Household