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Sanctuary Sup Series: August 19th


19 Aug, 2020


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Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Foundation’s second installment of the Sanctuary Sup Series was held on August 19th from noon-1:00pm.  This free event was an opportunity to virtually “sup” (share a meal) together while also learning about what is ‘sup in the Sanctuary.

To begin, former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta spoke about the Sanctuary and introduced the August Sup speakers. Our first speaker, Ted Balestreri, discussed the history of Cannery Row and the role the Sanctuary has played in its transition from empty factories to a world-renowned tourism hotspot. Then, our second speaker David Stivers discussed the ways in which the Sanctuary is integrated into the visitor experience at Pebble Beach—whether it’s on the golf course or along the self-guided tour of 17-Mile Drive.

Finally, we had Volunteer Monitoring Coordinator Lisa Emanuelson discuss our Baynet and Team OCEAN programs, and the importance of your contributions in making these programs possible. 

To close out our event, Foundation Director Ginaia Kelly announced our next opportunity to connect – the second annual Sea Stars Brunch! Stay tuned for more details!

Featured Topic: Sanctuary Tourism

Ted Balestreri is the co-founder and CEO/General Managing Partner of Cannery Row Company and The Sardine Factory. He is also CEO of the Inns of Monterey, a collection of five hotels in Monterey. Ted has served as the President of the National Restaurant Association and is still the longest serving California Tourism Commissioner in that organization’s history. Under Ted’s leadership, the Cannery Row Company was among the first and continues to be one of the strongest supporters of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary and this Foundation. Ted has hosted several significant fund-raising events in the legendary Wine Cellar at the world-famous Sardine Factory Restaurant. 

David Stivers is the current President of the Pebble Beach Company. Since joining the Company, Stivers has led multiple facets of the Company’s business interests, ranging from sales, marketing and sponsorship to real estate development associated with its Del Monte Forest Plan. Before joining the Pebble Beach Company he was with the Promus Hotel Corporation, where he served as the Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the Hospitality Ventures Group. In addition to all of this, David served as the Chairman of the 2019 U.S. Open.

Lisa Emanuelson is the Volunteer Monitoring Coordinator for the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. In her position, she tackles wide-ranging topics including water quality monitoring and reporting, watershed education, and wildlife disturbance. She also trains and coordinates the Team OCEAN Kayaker Naturalist program as well as the Bay Net Shoreline Naturalist Program. Lisa also provides direction to the Sanctuary Citizen Watershed Monitoring Network through training, data management, and data quality control assistance, in addition to several Sanctuary-wide monitoring programs each year.

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